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Ballhausen, Carl J. 1932-
Prof. Emeritus, formerly: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Also to be found at this website,
click here.
C.J. Ballhausen:
Quantum Mechanics and Chemical Bonding in Inorganic Complexes.
J. Chem. Ed. 56, 215-218 (1979).
50 KB Carl J. Ballhausen cannot be reached. An excellent historical article - prime!
Coulson, Charles A. 1910-1974
For the Coulson page on this website : click here.
C.A. Coulson:
Present State of Molecular Structure Calculations.
Revs. Mod. Phys. 32, 170-177 (1960).
50 KB   One of the rare occasions where quantum chemists speak/spoke out.
Del Re, Giuseppe 1932-
Cattedra di Chimica teorica, Università di Napoli «Federico II» For an interview of this website with G. Del Re : click here.
G. Del Re:
Ontological Status of Molecular Structure.
HYLE, 4, 81-103 (1998).
50 KB G. Del Re may be reached via e-mail : G.Delre@agora.stm.it G. Del Re has published in quantum chemistry as well as in philosphy.
Gavroglu, Kostas 194x-
Kostas Gavroglu is Professor of History of Science at the University of Athens, Greece.
For publications see under
Gavroglu's Faculty page.
50 KB Gavroglu's Faculty page. University of Athens, Greece. K. Gavroglu is a well-known name in the history and philosophy of science. For other excellent articles connected to the sense of this page look here.
Hall, George G. new! 1925-
Hall is active prof. emerit. at Nottingham University, UK.

Computational Quantum Chemistry - then and now. (1990)

The Lennard-Jones paper of 1929 and the foundations of Molecular Orbital Theory.

For other interesting publications see Hall's autobiography here.
50 KB - G.G. Hall in this article looks thoughtfully back at 50 years of computational chemistry.
G.G. Hall is also not forgetten for his method which should be named Hall-Roothaan-Method.
Peyerimhoff, Sigrid D. new! 1937- S.G. Peyerimhoff:
The Development of Computational Chemistry in Germany.
50 KB S.D. Peyerimhoff's faculty page.
If their server isn't overstressed - consider it your lucky day.
A good addition to the articles by K. Gavroglu and A. Simoes.
Simões , Ana 196x-
A. Simões is Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Also to be found at this website,
click here.
See directly under :
Publications on Simoes' Faculty page - click here.
A. Simões in 1993 has done a thesis,
Converging trajectories, diverging traditions: Chemical bond, valence, quantum mechanics and chemistry, 1927-1937.
50 KB Ana Simões' Faculty page in English at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. For an excellent article connected to the sense of this page read:
K. Gavroglu & A. Simões:
Issues in the History of Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry, 1927-1960.
- here.

And then don't miss that one:
A. Simões & K. Gavroglu:
The Americans, the Germans, and the beginnings of quantum chemistry :
The confluence of diverging traditions.
Including pictures some 400 KB.
Sokal, Alan new! 19xx- Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity 50 KB   THE famous provacative article of 1996 is something to make up one's mind about ...
If you don't know it - you actually should ...
Urey, Harold C. 1893-1981
Managing Editor
Journal of Chemical Physics.
Opening Editorial of the
Journal of Chemical Physics
Volume 1, Number 1, January 1933.
50 KB   That's how they saw it in 1933 - still worth reading today.
Wiberg, Kenneth B. presently unknown
Prof. around 1970
at Yale University
Molecular Orbital Calculations and Organic Chemistry.
- - 1970 - -
50 KB   Critical view regarding QC,
from a famous organic chemist in 1970.
Ma, Buyong ??
Graduate Student
University of Georgia. 1995.
The Philosophy of Computational Quantum Chemistry. Ph.D. Dissertation at the University of Georgia. 1995.

50 KB Sometimes this server appears to be blocked (Error 403 Forbidden).
An article is either PUBLIC OR NOT.
Now, since the article under consideration here IS, or has been, public you may get it from a the Google ® PUBLIC ARCHIVE right here. Note: Also blocked since Nov 13, 2002!! - So you may get it also from my archive.
Or get the original from my archive.
{Note of this website : I hesitated to include this article.}

Fairly strange - isn't it!!!????
Giunta, C.J. ~ 1962- C. Giunta operates a website where one can get brief copies of Langmuir's, Kossel's, and others' classical papers, and he is Co-Editor of Foundations of Chemistry. He also gives good links to other sites, the link-title being : Other web sites on (mainly) the History of Chemistry, History of Science, and Scientific Biography. 50 KB C.J. Giunta's short CV at the Faculty Page of the Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY, USA. Some interesting connections to the early classics of the chemical bond.
Scerri, Eric 1953 - Eric R. Scerri is presently a lecturer at UCLA in chemistry, and he is Editor-in-Chief of Foundations of Chemistry, a journal dedicated, in it's own words, to "Philosophical, Historical, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies of chemistry." 50 KB Eric R. Scerri, Faculty page, Scerri's publication list may also be found there.
Two interesting pieces to get the flavor of Scerri's ideas:

Have Orbitals Really Been Observed? - JCE Nov. 2000 - PDF - 74 KB

Philosophy of Chemistry—A New Interdisciplinary Field? - JCE Dec. 2000 - PDF - 39 KB

Another interesting link to this topic might also be this one.
Gill, Peter M. W. ~ 1963-
Obituary : DFT

1927 - 1993
50 KB Peter M. W. Gill is Prof. of Theoretical Chemistry. He may be found under his Faculty Page at Nottingham University. History in another mode of presentation - educating and entertaining.
Some DFT'ists might object, yet,
as Daudel once answered to this website: "It's published, you know".

Short-time expositions [due to limited web space] :

H.-G. Gadamer (1900-2002), Prof. of Philosophy, Heidelberg (Germany). new! Gadamer was THE famous philosophy teacher of the recent period.
Here for a limited period (untill I need the space otherwise) a short clipping of a lecture (7 min) concerning philosophy and modern natural sciences.
The language is synchronized Italian, very clear, so it should be understandable to all romanic language speaking people. Origin: RAI-edu-cultura. 13 MB. Compressed in MPEG4, no streaming, needs e.g. M$ Media Player 7.1 or better.
Dec. 2002
Karl Popper (1902-1994). new! Karl Popper remember? verify - falsify ? freedom?
Here for a limited period (untill I need the space otherwise) a short clipping of a lecture (4 min) (< 1989) concerning biological life and values.
The language is synchronized Italian, very clear, so it should be understandable to all romanic language speaking people. Origin: RAI-edu-cultura. 24 MB. Compressed in MPEG4, no streaming, needs e.g. M$ Media Player 7.1 or better.

For low speed people: 1.6 MB,[MPEG4, compressed with DivX5 codec] - Popper says something about politics.
Dec. 2002

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