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Ana Simões

A. Simoes  
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Ana Isabel Simões is Assistant Professor, History of the Natural Sciences, at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. She had finished her thesis on Converging trajectories, diverging traditions: Chemical bond, valence, quantum mechanics and chemistry, 1927-1937 in 1993 under the guidance of S.G. Brush,  University of Maryland.
This direction continues to constitute a major part of her present research interests.

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The publications of A. Simões cover people like G.N. Lewis, N.V. Sidgwick, R.S. Mulliken, and C.A. Coulson -
then time-dependent phenomena like the beginnings of quantum chemistry in Germany and in Britain.

The latest list of publications of Ana Simões may be found here.

A really revealing, lively and interesting article :

Ana Simões and Kostas Gavroglu, Issues in the History of Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry, 1927—1960.

may be found right here. You simply must read that one - I love it, it catches much of the spirit of these early days (at least that's what this website thinks)!

And another one, as well a MUST, with many portraits addes by this website :

Kostas Gavroglu and Ana Simões , The Americans, the Germans, and the beginnings of quantum chemistry: The confluence of diverging traditions.

Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences, 25(1), 47-110 (1994).

It may be found on this website here. Same comment as above, an excellent paper!

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