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Hans H. Jaffé

1919 - 1989

JaffMid.jpg H.H. Jaffé.
Photo courtesy and © M. Orchin
Hans H. Jaffé was born in Marburg, Germany in 1919 and immigrated to the United States in 1940. He received a bachelor's degree in chemistry at the University of Iowa in 1941, earned his master's degree at Purdue in 1942, then obtained his doctoral degree under Oscar Rice at the University of North Carolina.

Jaffé served as the director of graduate studies in the chemistry department from 1962-1966 when he became department head. Jaffe held that post until 1971.

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JaffOld.jpg H.H. Jaffé, photo from a local newspaper, © ; 1989.

An Interview with Hans Jaffe - Jan. 1989.

by William B. Jensen, Editor of "The Chemical Bond",
No. 22, 1988-1989, Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati.

Obituary of H. Jaffé  by a local newspaper.    Paper clip courtesy of M. Orchin.

The following texts are all taken from :
The Chemical Bond,
No. 22, 1988-1989,
published by the
Department of Chemistry,
University of Cincinnati.
Editor: William B.Jensen.
Editorial Assistant: Kathy Orchin.

All Jaffé materials presented here
were furnished by M. Orchin.

A Tribute to Hans Jaffé

by Milton Orchin (1989), Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus

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Hans H. Jaffé : A Chronology of Activities and Honors

         Year Age     Event
         1919       Born in Marburg, Germany  

         1937  18   Attended the Berlin Technische Hochschule
                    (until 1938).
         1941  22   B.S. Degree in Chemistry, University of
         1942  23   M.S. Degree in Physical Chemistry, Purdue
                    University, under Henry Hass.
         1943  24   Service in the U.S. Army as a laboratory
                    technician (until 1945).
         1946  27   Physical Chemist with the United States
                    Public Health Service in Baltimore, MD,
                    and Chapel Hill, NC (untiil 1954).
         1951  32   Member of Advisory Panel, Division 5 (later
                    Division 15), National Bureau of Standards
                    (until 1965).
         1952  33   Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, University of
                    North Carolina, under Oscar Rice.
         1954  35   Assistant Professor, UC; abstractor and
                    Section Editor for Chemical Abstracts (until
         1958  39   Associate Professor, UC.
         1960  41   Grant from the American Cancer Society
                    for $34,907 for the study of "Tautomeric
                    Equilibria in the Conjugate Acids of
         1961  42   Professor, UC; Fulbright Scholar, Centre de
                    Mecanique-Ondulatoire Applique, Paris:
                    Graduate Fellow, UC; Eminent Chemist of
                    the Cincinnati Section, ACS; First Annual
                    Distinguished Research Award, UC
                    Chapter of Sigma Xi.
         1962  43   Director of Graduate Studies, UC (until
         1963  44   Alternate Councilor, one term, Regular
                    Councilor of Cincinnati Section of
                    American Chemical Society (until 1973);
                    Member, Council Standing Committee on
         1966  47   Head, Department of Chemistry, UC (until
         1967  48   Vice President, UC Chapter of Sigma Xi
                    (until 1969); grant from NSF for $32,000
                    for the study of "Basicity in Ground and
                    Excited States".
         1969  50   Bronze Medal, University of Helsinki;
                    President, UC Chapter of Sigma Xi (until
         1970  51   Distinguished Visiting Scientist, New York
                    State University System; grant from NSF
                    for $32,000 for the study of All-Valence-
                    Electron Semiempirical Calculations of the
                    Electronic Spectra of Organic Molecules".
         1971  52   Chercheur Associé, Centre National de la
                    Recherche Scientifique, Paris; Member, UC
                    Computer Task Force.
         1974  55   Visiting Professor, Max Planck Institute für
                    Kohlenforschung, Mülheim/Ruhr; Member
                    and Chairman, UC Academic Computer
                    Services Committee.
         1975  56   Member, NCR, Committee on
                    Recommendations for U.S. Army Basic
                    Scientific Research (until 1979).
         1976  57   George A. Abbott Lecturer, University of
                    North Dakota; Member, UC Computer
                    Philosophy Task Force.
         1978  59   Visiting Professor, Universität Bielefeld,
                    Bielefeld, Germany.
         1981  62   Venable Lecturer, University of North
         1982  63   Visiting Professor, Universitad Autonoma
                    de Mexico, Mexico City; George Rieveschl
                    Award, UC; Cincinnati Scientist of the Year.
         1985  66   Visiting Professor, Universitad Automona
                    de Madrid; Visiting Professor, University
                    of Palermo; Associate, Instituto de Sanità,
                    Rome; Associate, Institut Curie, Paris;
                    Morley Award, Cleveland Section ACS.
         1987  68   Visiting Professor, Universitad Antonoma
                    de Madrid.
         1989  70   Professor Emeritus, UC.

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M.S. Theses Supervised by Hans Jaffé

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Ph.D. Theses Supervised by Hans Jaffé