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Milton Orchin

                   Orchin around 2001
Photo from Orchin's 2001 Faculty page.

Milton Orchin was born in 1914 in Barnesboro, PA, USA.

  • B.S., Ohio State University, 1936.
  • M.S., Ohio State University, 1937.
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1939.
  • Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cincinnati from 1953-1981.
  • Hon. Doctor Sciences, University of Cincinnati, 1983.
  • Member of many associations.

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Orchin in 1999, Dept. Chem. Newsletter

VanEyckWing3.jpg You might try here  for a very readable and interesting note on how the book by Orchin and Jaffe Symmetry, Orbitals, Spectra SOS came all about ...

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        YEAR                     EVENT

        1914            Born in Barnesboro, Pennsylvania on 4 June.
        1936            B.S. Degree in Chemistry, Ohio State University, University Scholar
                        and Fellow, Ohio State University (until 1939).
        1937            M.S. Degree in Chemistry, Ohio State University.
        1939            Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Ohio State University, under Melvin
                        Newman. Takes job as research chemist with the United States Food
                        and Drug Administration in Cincinnati, OH.
        1941            Transfers to United States Food and Drug Administration in Chicago,
                        IL. Takes job as organic research chemist with the United States
                        Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, MD.
        1943            Chief of the Organic Section of the Synthetic Fuels Branch of the
                        United Stated Bureau of Mines in Bruceton, PA.
        1947            Guggenheim Fellow, Sieff Institute, Israel.
        1953            Associate Professor of Applied Science, 
                        University of Cincinnati;
                        Consultant for National Distillers Corporation (now Quantum
        1954            Consultant for Houdry Process and Chemical Company.
        1956            Professor of Chemistry and Department Head (until 1962), University
                        of Cincinnati; Consultant for William S. Merrell Company.
        1957            Eminent Chemist Award, Cincinnati Section of the ACS; Editorial
                        Board of the Journal of Organic Chemistry (until 1963).
        1958            Member of Nomenclature Committee, ACS (until 1963).
                        Consultant for M.W. Kellogg Company.
        1961            Honor Initiate, Alpha Chi Sigma; President of Cincinnati Chapter of
                        Sigma Xi.
        1962            Director of the Basic Science Laboratory, University of Cincinnati
                        (until 1970); Chair, Cincinnati Section of the ACS.
        1963            Chair, Chemistry Section of the American Association for the
                        Advancement of Science; Secretary of same (until 1968); Consultant
                        for Standard Oil of Ohio (later Sohio, now British Petroleum).
        1964            Consultant for Philco Corporation.

        1966            Visiting Professor, Ohio State University; Member Board of
                        Directors, American Civil Liberties Union (until 1973).
        1968            Visiting Professor, Israel Institute of Technology; Advisory
                        Committee for College Chemistry, ACS; Faculty Representative to
                        the University of Cincinnati Board of Directors.
        1969            Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley; Board of
                        Directors, Jewish Community Relations Council (until 1983) and
                        Jewish Federation of Cincinnati (until 1976); Chair, Fellows of the
                        Graduate School, University of Cincinnati.
        1970            Consultant for Atlantic Richfield Chemical Company; Editorial Board
                        of the Journal of Coordination Chemisfry; President University of
                        Cincinnati Faculty Council on Jewish Affairs.
        1971            Director of the Hoke S. Greene Laboratory of Catalysis,
                        University of Cincinnati; Advisory Board for the
                        Handbook of Spectral Data.
        1972            ACS Tour Speaker Award; Vice President, Cincinnati Bureau of
                        Jewish Education; Chair, University Faculty and Faculty Senate,
                        University of Cincinnati; Faculty Representative to University of
                        Cincinnati Board of Directors.
        1973            Board of Governors, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
                        (until 1977).
        1974            Consultant for Allied Chemical Corporation.
        1975            Rieveschl Award for Distinguished Research in Science, University of
        1976            Distinguished Scientist Award, Technical Societies of Cincinnati.
                        Consultant for Brookhaven National Laboratories.
        1979            Visiting Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
        1980            E.V. Murphee Award, ACS; Morley Medal, Cleveland Section of the
                        ACS; Consultant for Standard Oil of Ohio.
        1981            Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Service Professor,
                        University of Cincinnati.
        1982            Consultant for Sun 0il Company.
        1983            E.J. Houdry Award, North American Catalyst Society; Honorary
                        D.Sc. Degree, University of Cincinnati.
        1999            Director of the Hoke S. Greene Laboratory of Catalysis (since 1971).

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