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Jens Peder Dahl

J.P. Dahl in 1979
Photograph courtesy and © J.P. Dahl.
                             Jens Peder Dahl was born 1934 in Denmark. He went to The Technical University of Denmark where he got his Masters in chemistry, with biotechnology as his principal subject. Dahl obtained his Dr. under Ballhausen, spent 1.5 years with Slater at MIT, became Professor of Chemical Physics at the The Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen in 1972, a post which he held until his retirement. Prof. Dahl has worked in Theoretical Inorganic and in Theoretical Chemistry, he is the author of many papers, books, and articles in books.

Photo at right from Dahl's Faculty Page.
Dahl around 2002
J.P. Dahl, 2000
Photo courtesy and © J.P. Dahl

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Video clip. Dahl talks about his interaction with Ballhausen. (5 min). MPEG4; 8 MB There is still the problem concerning codecs and Microsoft. Especially with IE6 and Win Media Player: Under certain browser settings of IE6 that may got as far as: "File not found on the server." - it's there of course. Sad but true - the codec fight carried out on the back of the user! If you know what you are doing just go into regedit and kill the connections. in English
Video clip download. Dahl talks about his interaction with Ballhausen. (5 min). ZIP of MPEG4 of the above; 5.5 MB While IE6 now apparently ckecks all files as to their contents before downloading (see above) them, it so far (May 2002) doesn't dare to do this to ZIP files. Which means that you can download it, unzip it, and then view it. I found out that this presently is the best way handling MPEG without the threatening behaviour of Microsoft and IE6. in English
Sound clip Dahl talks about his interaction with Ballhausen. (5 min). WAV; 3.5 MB The sound-only track of the above videos. in English
Sound clip Dahl talks about his interaction with Ballhausen. (5 min). MP3; 730 KB Maybe here the same trouble with IE6 and the Win Media Player. in English
Text of the above. Dahl talks about his interaction with Ballhausen. HTML   in English

J.P. Dahl : Quantum Chemistry, Fundamentals, 1996. Forword (in Danish).

J.P. Dahl : Introduction to the Quantum World of Atoms and Molecules, 2001 (in English).
      From the book cover:

      "This invaluable book provides a balanced and integrated introduction to the quantum world of atoms and molecules. The underlying basis of quantum mechanics is carefully developed, with respect to the historical tradition from a molecular angle. The fundamental concepts in the theory of atomic and molecular structure are thoroughly discussed, as are the central techniques needed in quantum chemical applications. Special attention is paid to exposing and clarifing the common ground of Hartree-Fock theory and density-functional theory. Throughout the text, the discussion is pedagogically obliging and aims at simplicity and mathematical clarity, while avoiding the use of advanced mathematics. End-of chapter problems supplement the main text."

      This website agrees with this description -> a book from a chemist for chemists (after all, most chemists are concerned with substances, although some (fortunately) tend to be inclined to more theoretical concepts!

      Another way to use this book would be to make it a basis for a surveying pre-course of the type "What you have to expect and watch out for in your quantum chemistry." Because it's also a polite and friendly book, with a low frustrating level, which aims at the young student.

A good inorganic theoretical chemistry classic, hard to get, is :

J.P. Dahl and C.J. Ballhausen, The Electronic Structure of Ferrocene

Mat. Fys. Medd. Dan. Vid. Selsk. 33, no. 5, 1-23 (1961) ......... here     (1 chunk= 1.6MB)


And then it is cut into 21 pages, 80 KB average, at this place ...... here.

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Interview with Prof. Jens Peder Dahl

Ulm, Abteilung für Quantenphysik, May 14, 2002; 14:00

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