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MOBook63 Andrew Streitwieser

Streiw in 1963

Andrew Streitwieser, born in 1927, M.A. 1950, Ph.D. 1952 from Columbia University.

Member of the University of California, Berkeley since 1952: Instructor 1952-4, Assistant Professor 1954-9, Associate Professor 1959-63, Professor 1963-92, Professor Emeritus 1993-. Many awards (see list).

Some 400 publications, plus one fat book on Organic Chemistry. In the present context here: his famous book : A. Streitwieser, Molecular Orbital Theory for Organic Chemists, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1961.

At left a picture of Streitwieser in 1963 - about the time of his MO book. At the right one of around 2001.

Streiw in 2001

Streitwieser and his group.

Some part of Streitwieser's autobiography.

Streitwieser's Berkeley Faculty page 11/2001

Streitwieser's "Molecular Orbital Theory for Organic Chemists" was a marvalously inspiring book in the 60ies - one could really see and feel that theory was up and coming, understandable and useful. I personally love it to this day.
In it's preface Streitwieser puts the coming of this theory quite nicely (reduced quality) :

MOPreface from the preface 1961

Interestingly enough, Streitwieser himself gives a re-evaluation of this book some 40 years later in his autobiography A Lifetime of Synergy with Theory and Experiment,American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1997.

The following text (of reduced quality) gives an insight into Streitwieser's evaluation of his MO book . It's big resonance at those days is given here in scarce words - but there were many copies sold of this book.

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x (some sentences omitted here)

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