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Kotani in 1955
Kotani in 1955

Austin Meeting
Masao Kotani was born in 1906. Since the scientific education was different in Japan in these days it went like this: B.Sc. in physics in 1929, Lecturer for three years at the Faculty of Engineering. He became Associate Professor at the Physics Department, The Tokyo Imperial University, 3 years later. Kotani got his D.Sc. in 1943 and became Full Prof. at the same department where he remained till 1965 when he moved to Osaka University. Kotani retired from this chair in 1969 only to serve as President of The Tokio Science University (private) till 1982. Kotani died in 1993.

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Kotani around 1990

    In pre-computer days (say 1955-75, just to give some date) Kotani was widely known for the very famous Table of Molecular Integrals which was, even for specialists, a difficult type of work to use.

    However - Kotani's tables have many figures after the decimal point!

    Other tables, like the ones of Preuss, were maybe a bit easier to use yet they have only three figures after the decimal point. And when it came to take a difference between 2 large numbers, as happened in the calculations, then one was better off with Kotani's tables.

    It cannot be displayed here in but a few pages,
    and the following is presented to give you just an impression.
    (The above background, by the way, is page 101 of this text.)

    Otherwise : by all means, do get it, be brave and look for yourself !

    M. Kotani, A. Amemiya, E. Ishiguro and T. Kimura :

    Tokyo, Maruzen Co., Ltd., 1955.

The following text was forwarded to this website
by Prof. Kimio Ohno. It stems from :

Int. J. Quant. Chem. 53, 451-454 (1995).

In Memory of Professor Masao Kotani

Kimio Ohno, Department of Information, Hokkaido Information University,
Ebetsu, Hokkaido, 069, Japan

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