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Karl F. Freed

Freed in 2000            Karl F. Freed was born in Brooklyn, New York, 1942.
Columbia University, B.S., 1963.
Harvard University, A.M., 1965; Ph.D., 1967.
University of Manchester, England, NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, 1967-68.
University of Chicago, 1968-.

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           Freed in 2000

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Columbia University, B.S., 1963
Harvard University, A.M., 1965
Harvard University, Ph.D., 1967

Academic Positions:

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and The James Franck Institute, The University of Chicago July 1968 - 1973
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and The James Franck Institute, The University of Chicago July 1973 - 1976
Professor, Department of Chemistry and The James Franck Institute, The University of Chicago July 1976 --
Director, The James Franck Institute, The University of Chicago July 1983 - June 1986

Fellowships and Visiting Positions:

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1963-1967
NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1967-1968 at Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester, England Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, September 1969 - 1971
Dupont Faculty Fellow, 1969-1970
Guggenheim Fellow, 1972-1973
Senior Visiting Fellowship, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, England, 1972-1973
Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Fellow, 1972-1977
Visiting Scientist, Centre Nucleaires, Strasbourg, France August-September 1977
Visiting Scientist, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Saitama, Japan, October 1979
Hill Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn., April-May 1984.
Visiting Professor, University of Strasbourg, April-June 1991
Visiting Scientist, IBM Research Labs, Almaden, Jan.-April 1993

Other Awards:

Tau Beta Pi (engineering honorary); Phi Lambda Upsilon (chemistry honorary)
Marlow Medal, The Faraday Division of the Chemical Society, 1973
American Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry sponsored by Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity, 1976
Denkewalter Lecturer, Loyola University of Chicago, May 1976 Phillips Lecturer, Haverford College, November 1976
Case Centennial Scholar Medal, Case Western Reserve University 1980 Fellow, American Physical Society, 1983

Editorial Work, etc.

Advisory Editor, Journal of Statistical Physics, 1976-1978
Advisory Editor, Chemical Physics, 1979 - 1992
Advisory Editor, Chemical Reviews, 1981-1983
Advisory Editor, Advances in Chemical Physics, 1984 --
Advisory Editor, Theoretica Chimica Acta, 1988 -1991
Advisory Editor, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 1995 -1999
Guest Editor, Annual Reviews of Physical Chemistry, 1979
Member, Committee of Direction, Laboratoire de Photophysique Moleculaire, Orsay, France, September 1977
Associate Editor, Journal of Chemical Physics, 1982-1985
Chairman, Gordon Conference on Polymer Physics, 1996
Coorganizer conference series "Polymers: Theory vs. Experiment" Telluride, CO,, 1999, 2001
Coorganizer conference "Structure, Dynamics and Charge Transport in Polymeric Materials", Argonne National Laboratory, 2000

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